When it comes to your trees, you want someone you can trust to handle the care and maintenance of them. At A Plus Tree Service, we have been caring for and maintaining the trees of our customers since 1989. Our team of talented tree service technicians have the training and expertise needed to handle all of your tree needs from pruning to removal. We offer our valued customers a long list of comprehensive tree services that will ensure your trees are healthy, and when they aren’t, we will handle removing it for you.

Tree Trimming, Pruning & Shaping Services

The first step to caring for and maintaining your trees is proper tree pruning and trimming. This will encourage your tree to grow in a beautiful canopy as it should. The tree will be far more aesthetically pleasing when you ensure it is pruned properly. At A Plus Tree Service, we know that not only will pruning and trimming your tree encourage them to grow as they should, but it is also important for the overall health of the tree as well. Your tree needs to have the dead and unhealthy branches removed so that it can thrive. The tree will utilize the nutrients it receives from the soil as well the son when only healthy branches exist on the tree.

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal Services

When home or business owners decide it is time to permanently remove a tree from their property, it could be for a number of reasons. Anytime a tree needs to be removed, you need to have someone you can trust to get the job done safely. A Plus Tree Service has the experience and training as well the equipment needed to make sure that everyone is safe during removal as well as any structures found on your property. Some of the reasons that a tree needs to be removed may include:
– Decaying or dead trunk
– Splitting
– Encroachment of buildings/power lines
– Storm damage
– Disease
– Pest infestation

Stump Grinding & Removal

Once your tree is completely removed from your property, there will still be a stump where the tree once was. At A Plus Tree Service we will get rid of that unsightly stump with our stump grinding services. When you leave the stump behind, you run into problems like pest infestation and a safety hazard for those walking on your property. Your grass and landscaping will be able to completely grow in once we have removed the stump as well.

Pre-Storm Inspection & Storm Damage Tree Debris Clean Up Services

When a severe storm strikes in your area, you want to know that your trees can withstand the stress that it will likely put on them. At A Plus Tree Service, we offer pre-storm inspections that will ensure your trees are ready for any storms in the future. If you have experienced damage to your trees as a result of storm damage, you can count on our crew to help you clean up the debris left behind.

Tree Services in Sylvania, Metter, Statesboro & Millen, GA | Bulloch, Screven, Candler & Jenkins Counties, Georgia

Whether you need tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, a pre-storm inspection or storm damage debris clean up, A Plus Tree Service can handle all your tree service needs. Call us today to discuss your next tree project!

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